How you can take amazing travel photos with your phone

iphone photos

So, you have an android smartphone or an iPhone and most likely you take it with you when you travel. Why wouldn’t you! It makes it easier to capture (and edit) the special experiences and moments you share with friends and family. 

Here are some top tips to help you make the best travel pictures:

Use a popsocket

This is probably my best tip for travelling. What are popsockets you might ask? Well, it’s like a little mount on the back of your phone. It helps you grip it properly, which makes it a lot safer to use on your holiday. When we are travelling we often take photos when in motion; on trains, buses, boats or hiking. If you have a popsocket on the back of your phone you are less likely to drop it. 

Wipe the lens

This is the basic step, but it can be overlooked. Our kids touch our phones a lot and we tend to carry our phones in our bags which can be dirty or dusty. You cannot often recreate photos, so it is important that you ensure your lens is clean and smudge-free.

Tap the screen to focus

Tapping the screen will take your phone off of auto mode and lets you have creative control. If you have several people in the shot the phone will locate and focus on their faces. It will also ensure you capture the correct colours. If there are objects that are far and near or different colours that are dominating the scene your phone may have trouble capturing it. 

Long press then swipe the screen

You can tap the screen which will tell the camera where you want it to focus. An iPhone or a modern android you can swipe left/right up/down which will make the image darker or brighter. Travel photos definitely have to include an action shot!

Capture the photo with the volume button

Did you know that the volume minus button on your phone will take a photo? You can also take pictures with your earphones to which can help you to get a sneaky photo of those who don’t like their picture being taken or the kids who refuse to get their picture taken.

Hold your shutter button to capture a pile of images

This option is often found by accident. You can capture a pile of photos which is not only good to capture an action picture, but you can use it to ensure that everyone in the picture has their eyes open.

Using panoramic mode

It can be hard to fit the whole area into your location within one photo. Panoramic mode is something you will love. You can pan across, so you don’t need to tap the screen for the second time in order to stop recording, then simply pan the other way.

Take a wide-angle lens with you

Having a lens attachment will add to the capability of your phone’s camera. They are great for selfies indoors or the times where you want to fit more in the frame. If you are an Android user, then you may have the wide selfie option where it is suggested to use the timer or the earphone trick.

Blurring the background

When you are travelling you don’t always have the luxury of setting up the perfect photoshoot from a difficult angle or by removing distracting objects in the background. Did you know you can blur out the background with the live focus option, near far and portrait mode?

Following these few tips will have your travel snaps looking unique and (hopefully) be the best shots you have ever taken. We keep our photos forever – they are milestones in our lives. Memories of the experiences we have had. We can cherish them forever. No need to drag around heavy cameras anymore. Give it a go and see how it works for you. Good luck and enjoy your holiday!