How To Plan a Beach Wedding

beach wedding

You’ve basically won the wedding venue lottery if you are going to have a beach wedding. Whether held at an exotic destination or your summer getaway home, it’s like a mini-vacation for everyone involved spending the event next to crashing waves and a stellar view.

While a beach wedding provides you with plenty of natural scenery and décor, pulling off a flawless celebration at the shore isn’t without its unique challenges. As if it is not stressful enough to be organising catering for functions and the bridesmaid’s dresses, beach weddings present additional challenges. There are many beautiful Melbourne wedding photo locations and ceremony locations and the beach is one of them. Here is our expertise on the essential things to know when developing the perfect plan for your sandy beach dream wedding.

Have a Daytime Ceremony

The beach is one of the most stunning wedding locations out there, it is advisable that couples have their wedding during daylight hours of they are considering the beach. The is because when the sun disappears below the horizon, the water goes dark and invisible.

There are a few things to consider if you are planning to have a daytime wedding. SPF 50 is a must. You don’t want to get a crazy sunburn on your wedding day. Working with flowers can be challenging when exposed to direct sunlight since it can easily wither. Choose a ceremony design and flowers that can hold up in the heat. Some flowers that are tough and recommended are freesias, calla lilies, orchids, and succulents. Steer away from hydrangeas and roses and other light flimsy flowers, which tend to wilt quickly. If you hire a great wedding photography business on the day, they especially know how to take the best shots and make the beach look stunning with their local knowledge.

Have a Sound System

With the waves, wind and other noises, beach weddings can be noisy and distracting, I always suggest using a microphone for the ceremony. Also, make sure you use a windscreen cover for the microphone so that your guests are not frustrated by the fact that all they hear is the wind and not your vows!

Public vs. Private

Most coastal resorts are adjacent to beautiful beaches so if you want an exclusive, it is best to rent the entire property to prevent other resort guests from sharing the venue. If the possibility of other people enjoying the beach and looking on a concern to you then it is a good idea to ask the resort to close off the beach for you for the ceremony when you book.

But if You Have to Wear High Heels

Though barefoot beach wedding is lovely, not all brides would want to go unshod. A way to get around this dilemma is to have a wooden walkway buried under the sand down the aisle, that way, the aisle looks like a sandy beach but you have the stability to walk on in your heels. That being said, choose appropriate stable heels that you are confident at walking in.

Furniture for Your Guests

Don’t forget that your guests will need to sit somewhere during the ceremony. Consider looking into outdoor coastal furniture to complement the whole aesthetic.

Prepare a Wind Plan

Rain may be your biggest concern for a beach wedding but it is really the wind that could cause the most trouble. Windy days can be chilly, sandy and noisy, completely destroying the vibe of the ceremony. Be ready by monitoring local conditions and choose a resort with multiple beach locations so you have a backup plan. Most resorts are good at accommodating for weather changes as well as prepared meals for guests. If you plan to hold the ceremony on a beach without a resort, it would be best to reserve an alternate backup venue just in case.

Dress Accordingly

Leave out the big gowns. A ball gown belongs in, well, a ballroom. You may be able to get down the aisle in a full dress and long train, but walking on the beach and taking photos won’t be easy. If a large dress is a must, make sure it can bustle easily. Think light. Dresses with lace trim can be difficult because they pick up debris from the beach, instead, choose a lightweight fabric like chiffon or charmeuse so your gown flows in the ocean breeze.

Consider an updo. Think of the elements when deciding on a hairstyle a tried and true updo will keep you looking polished all night. Larissa Banting of Weddings Costa Rica suggests doing a trial run on the location to be able to decide the best hairstyle for the big day. Engaging the services of a stylist who can do touch-ups throughout the day if wearing your hair down is the only option.

Ditch the heels. Sand and high heels are just not compatible. Wear flat-soled sandals, espadrilles or wedges shoes that won’t sink into the sand. Put a hem on your gown and go with shoes or barefoot, depending on what you prefer. Remember, sand can get hot. Have an aisle runner made of fabric or thick flower petals to help keep your tootsies cool.