Why Visit the Gold Coast?

gold coast beach sunset

Hanging out onthe beach daily and catching the waves on a surfboard- that really is the epitome of the Australian fantasy. Among the top places where it is possible to do all this and more would be the Gold Coast. Want further explanation on why you need to visit? You greedy thing, you. Here are our top reasons to get on a plane/in a campervan and immerse yourself in the east coast of Australia!

Exquisite beaches

If you want a fabulous beach, the Gold Coast has got you covered. The coastline stretches for 57 kilometres (35 miles) and you’ll be able to select from 20 distinct shores; no better excuse to have a 20-day vacation than seeing a new Aussie shore daily? Surfers Paradise is possibly the most famous of all of them and is exceptionally distinctive as the skyline is practically on the shore. Then a bit farther South of Surfers you may end up on Mermaid Beach, sadly it is not named after the prosperity of mermaids, however, it’s famous for its laid-back charm, which is great if you have been going mad in Surfers Paradise for the past couple of days. It is also possible to have a trip down ‘Millionaire’s Row’, examine the fancy mansions and perhaps have a small shout about how much you really need one. South of Surfers, you have got Burleigh Heads, that is famed for the surfing areas, and if you go even farther south you’ll end up at Coolangatta, another best place for browsing and an excellent spot to visit if you enjoy the old-school allure of a seaside city.

Learn to surf

If you did not know already, Australia is famously known for its surfing and surf culture. Therefore, if you are expecting to pick up the skillon your journey around to the Gold Coast, then you have picked the ideal place to see since there are a lot of surf schools to select from in the region. Proceed over Mick Fanning, there is a brand-new pro in the city.

Great coffee

We understand Melbourne is the most famous in Australia for delicious coffee, but it does not indicate that the remainder of Australia does not understand what it is doing in regard to this gorgeous cup of liquid gold. We have had a peek at beanhunter.com since we understand enthusiasts get quite serious when it comes to their coffee, and have. Check out Stairwell Coffee and Crazy Cat Café at Surfers Paradise or Silipo Coffee at Southport for good times and good coffee.

Ride a jet ski to an island experience

Change up conventional island hopping by riding a jet ski and sense the freedom and exhilaration as you explore the wild blue sea and the hidden paradise islands. View dolphins, turtles, wallabies and wild pigs before quitting in a tropical resort on South Stradbroke. Perfect on a bright day, that is pretty much all the time on the Gold Coast.

Shop the malls and markets

From arts and crafts to food, and farmer’s markets, you have got plenty of markets to pick from on the Gold Coast. Hosted from the Hinterland, along the shores and in the suburbs, you are guaranteed to pass at least one as you are drifting around. We hand-picked a few that you check out: TVM (The Village Markets) called a ‘creative hub’ for emerging entrepreneurs, Broadbeach Markets on the first and third Sunday of each month to get interesting crafts and arts, Marketta Street Food: Tapas Club at Miami each Wednesday evening for a few food or Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets among the greatest on the Gold Coast- each Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Find treasures and one of a kind summer sandals and lace-up heels for all occasions at the markets or hit the all-new Pacific Fair shopping centre for a modern shopping experience.

Theme parks

Not only does the Gold Coast have long stretchesof surfer beaches and a massive Hinterland supporting it, it is also home to a fairly awesome theme/water parks. Warner Bros Movie World is just what it says on the tin: a theme park using movie-themed rides along with a true life Diagon Alley. Put on your comfort shoes and walk the theme park all day, or if you are more of a lover of plain water parks there is also Wet ‘n’ Wild unleash your inner kid and have a splash on the water slides.


If you are partial to an epic night Out then look no farther than Surfers Paradise. It has got pubs, clubs, Nightclubs, and bars, which means you are certain to find something which’s right up your taste. Crazy for a cocktail? Put on your hot London Rebel shoes and have a look at the Avenue: it hasgot quirky cocktails, food for foodies and live entertainment. Go on over to SinCity Nightclub, a location you might even have the ability to spot some international artists. Alternately, if a bar Is more your style, then there is Irish bars Fiddler’s Green and Waxy’s. There is something for everyone whether it is a wild night at the club or a relaxing wine overlooking the water.