Top 5 Kid-Friendly Museums in Australia

boy dressed up n train at museum

Australia is packed with so many museums, and the good news is that a number of them are also fun venues for your kids. Kids are, by nature very curious and often in the mood to solve mysteries which only they can understand. You can help your kid’s creativity by taking him or her to one of the kid-friendly museums scattered all over Australia. The museums are designed to improve the imagination of kids but most importantly provide endless entertainment. The museums are not only for kids. As a parent, you’ll find yourself fascinated by the historical backgrounds of different artefacts as you guide your little one through the halls of Australia’s most excellent museums. This article highlights a list of the top five kid-friendly museums that you can visit with your kids.

National Dinosaur Museum

little boy digging for dinosaur egg in sand pit

As the name suggests, the National Dinosaur Museum will take your kids back in time to a time when dinosaurs walked the surface of Earth. The museum has real-life dinosaur bones and other artificially designed models. The National Dinosaur Museum offers you and your kids an awesome opportunity to go on an adventurous scout for dinosaurs. There are also several creative games that kids can participate in after which they will be awarded certificates and other gifts. Apart from being fun, the museum provides an avenue in which kids can get to learn more about the giant lizards that patrolled the Earth long ago. Visiting the museum will give your kids adrenaline-packed experience so ensure that your kid is a lover of dinosaurs.

Australian National Maritime Museum 

If you intend on giving your kids an exciting aquatic experience, the Australian National Maritime Museum is the place to be. Known to use modular exhibition wall systems for a dynamic experience, this museum has an endless list of maritime exhibitions and collections that will leave your kids’ jaw dropped. If they like, they can also switch on the pirate mode by adopting the pirate themes that are in the museum. Family fun days in the museums are the best as there are live performances that will get your kids in the mood to have more fun. You can also take your kids through a journey back in time by tracing Captain Cook’s navigation routes.


Located in Melbourne, ArtVo is one of the few museums in Australia that takes art to a whole new level. This is the best place to take your kids if you want them to have an up-close experience with art. The 3D technique used in this museum will not only make your kids appreciate art but will also make them be part of the art. Plus, you’ll come out of the experience with cool new family photos to keep as your own little exhibition showcase.

Museums Discovery Centre

This museum features collection stores which have a variety of artefacts from different parts of Australia and the world. The activities here are so interactive, allowing kids to get hands-on as they learn more about the exhibitions. The programs here cover a large number of kids of different ages, making it one of the best museums to visit with your kids.

 Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art, located in Sydney, is the best museum to let kids be kids. The museum allows little kids to be artistic in their own ways. Through this, it encourages those that may have a deep passion for art to continue working hard on their skills. While visiting the kids will engage in several art plays and art safaris, bringing them limitless fun. The museum even has activities for toddlers, making it an ideal place to take your children during the weekend. Kids are given an opportunity to paint colour and draw things that they like most.

So what are you waiting for? Cancel your nanny services for the weekend and have a blast at one of these wonderful museums with a kid-friendly experience!