Top 5 Coastal Style Resorts In Australia

Summer is almost here. That means it’s almost time to feel the sand, frolic in the waters, and bask under the sun. And what better way to do all these in one of the top 5 coastal style resorts in Australia! The land down under is known to boast some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. So, it’s no surprise that it also has some of the most luxurious beachfront properties.


But not all resorts are created equally. That means there are vacation places that focus on big groups or families and others on couples and people who love the nightlife. Whether you’re looking to party or relax, we’ve collected the top 5 coastal style resorts in Australia that will definitely cater to your needs.

Sal Salis, Cape Range National Park, Coral Coast, Western Australia

Driving 45 minutes up North of Exmouth or getting on a 2-hour flight from Perth will get you in Sal Salis, a resort come wilderness camp that is built on World Heritage-listed grounds. There are exactly 16 semi-permanent camping tents which are perfect for all types of people – families, couples, especially adventure-seeking groups. In fact, you can have a dip at the Ningaloo Reef where you can swim with humpback whales and whale sharks. The powdery white sand, topaz-colored waters and the starry skies at night make this place one of the unique coastal resorts in the world, the inside of the resort lives up to its surroundings with its beach coastal furniture.

Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas, Port Douglas, Queensland

The Sheraton Mirage is a 5-star resort hotel located north of Queensland in the seaside town of Port Douglas. If you want to wake up to the glorious Four Mile Beach, this is the resort for you. It is two hectares of tropical gardens, expensive restaurants, swimming pools, and an 18-hole golf course. You can also take a side trip to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest while staying here as both tourist spots are close to the resort.

The Byron at Byron Bay, Byron Bay, New South Wales

The Byron may be located in Australia’s most popular surfing spot, Byron Bay, but if you’re looking to unwind and find inner healing, this is the place to be. The resort offers free yoga sessions to its guests as well as a sauna and a two-kilometer rainforest. The onsite restaurant uses only organic produce sourced locally and the whole resort is built with sustainable coastal interior design.

Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Southern Ocean Lodge holds the number 10 spot in the world’s 10 Best Hotels and the fourth place in Travel+Leisure Magazine World’s Best due to the location, hospitality and interior style. It is located in Kangaroo Island and is situated on a cliff, giving guests an amazing view of the Southern Ocean coastline. The island itself is known for its rich wildlife. From sea lions to koalas, you can experience nature first-hand just by wandering around the resort. Southern Ocean Lodge can be reached by a 30-minute flight or 90-minute drive from Adelaide.

Pullman Banker Bay Resort, Cape Naturaliste, Margaret River Region, Western Australia

Are you one of those people who want to laze on the beach and drink wine all day? If you are, Pullman Banker Bay Resort is perfect for you! It is located in the wine region of Margaret River so, naturally, wine tastings are inevitable. The resort caters to families, couples, and even large-scale events. And if you get bored with all the fancy activities, you can head out to the nearest caves or take a hike inside the forests. Pullman Banker Bay Resort is a 3-hour drive from Perth and the resort itself is a contender to be contain some of the best Perth interior design on offer.

Improving the Functionality of a Beach House

The increasing prevalence of coastal dwellings means more and more beach houses are being designed shore side, to accommodate individuals visiting coastal regions such as a business computer support company employee to then living there permanently as part of a sea change. In accordance with this trend, coastal design has developed past the shore shack weekender, into the development of functional and airy modern spaces.

These properties demand an exceptional strategy within their architectural design to keep out the components and take advantage of coastal living. For those intending to style their own beachside harbor, below are a few features which you may attempt to add to capitalise on a view, promote relaxation, and also to keep salt and sand from becoming your constant companions.

Tile the flooring

Tiles are really practical in a shore home. They look good, feel decent under your feet and, above all, conceal the dirt. They’re also simple to clean and sweep and can withstand a lot of traffic. Together, you may produce a seamless transition from living floor area to outside patio.

Let it hang

Many times residing close to the shore in Australia means you are also going to be living in a rather warm or hot climate. Shade is therefore crucial, to keep your home cool. One method to make this colour is by integrating deep, broad eaves to the design of your house layout.

Embrace the view

Install bi-fold or sliding doors and windows which could be thrown straight back and opened upward, to let the area flow with the outside. In living spaces particularly, don’t obstruct the view by installing large window treatments. Leave the windows bare and the trims exactly the same colour as the walls to make it the hero of this item. Consider a second storey extension if you are particularly interested in a great view, if you have a partly obstructed one at the moment.

TIP: Be creative about where you place windows. Make the most of the unreachable wall area and put in windows over kitchen cabinets to make use of natural lighting.

Install an open-air shower

Without a doubt, the best approach to stop sand being brought into your house is to have a water supply close to the entrance of your home. Having someplace to wash off outside will get rid of most, although not all, of this sand.

A bathtub could be integrated into the original design of a home, or be put up for a fashionable but practical addition after. The trick to success is that you shouldn’t need to get in the house to reach it. Put it near the front door down the side route or close to the rear gate.

Curtail the rust

Carefully think about your kitchen and bathroom fittings and fixtures. Salt from the sea atmosphere is corrosive, and also the layouts of coastal houses will need to take this into consideration. To fight this, stainless steel is among the very best material options for indoor and outdoor appliances and fixtures, but it still requires regular upkeep to keep it in ship-shape condition.

Maintain stainless steel wash and corrosion-free by often spraying it with vinegar and wiping it down with a microfibre cloth, or just wiping it down with a gentle detergent.

TIP: As discolouring from water stains could result from minerals in the water, dry-wipe the washed surface with paper towels.

Maintain the mozzies at bay

Flyscreen layouts are extremely sophisticated and flexible nowadays. They vary from retractable displays in tropical locations, to magnetic displays which are easy to slip on and off for cleaning. Flyscreens accumulate the salt, so frequently wash them by giving them a quick spray with the hose and a wash using a soft-bristled brush. Then leave the displays to dry in sunlight.

Allow breezes to blow with louvres

The option of windows in shore houses is a matter of where to put them in order to maximize, cross breezes, filtered light, the view and also an indoor-outdoor feel. Louvred windows are an energy-efficient approach to catch cross breezes for natural heating, plus they have a coastal-living look. They’re also accessible with flyscreens to help keep out the insects and are at an angle which will repel lighter rain showers, so you can normally leave them open except in the heaviest of downpours.

If you want to be technical consider making your home a smart one with the ability to turn on and off the lighting, heating and cooling all at the touch of a button. If you are unsure how to go about this consider contacting it consulting services.

Standalone sand area

If you have the space or the funds for home extensions, make a buffer zone between the shore and your home by creating a sand area or placing a downstairs bath and incorporating access from the exterior. Just like a mudroom, this secondary entry into the home could supply a change room and a shower, in addition to hanging area for sandy possessions. If it’s possible, integrate the laundry within this sand area; it is the ideal place to load filthy towels into the washing machine.

TIP: Install a faucet fitting which is going to take a hose attachment, which means that you can easily hose out the room.

Preventing Recreational Basketball Injuries

The fast-paced and rigorous nature of basketball can cause a wide selection of accidents and injuries, most frequently to the foot, ankle, and knee. Sprained ankles and knee ligament tears are typical. Basketball players can alsobe in danger for jammed hands and stress fractures at the foot and lower leg.

Several approaches can assist injury prevention in basketball whether is it a weekly team game or just having a throw of the ball on holiday at the beach. Preventing injuries in basketball involve a range of pro-active measures safe club practices to adequate basketball apparel. A careful review of the playing field to utilising appropriate passing techniques are also vital in preventing harm in young players.

Appropriate Preparation for Play

Maintain fitness: Make certain you’re in gre

at physical condition at the beginning of basketball season or time of play. Throughout the off-season, adhere to a balanced exercise program that incorporates aerobic exercise, strength training, and endurance. If you’re out of shape at the beginning of the year, then slowly increase your activity level and gradually build up to a higher fitness level.

Warm up and stretch: Always take the time to warm up and stretch. Research studies show that cold muscles are more prone to injury. Warm up with jumping jacks, stationary cycling or running or walking in place for 3 to 5 minutes. Then slowly and gently stretch, holding each stretch for 30 seconds each.

Hydrate: Even moderate levels of dehydration may damage athletic performance. In case you haven’t had sufficient fluids, your body won’t be able to efficiently cool itself through perspiration and evaporation. Keep a cool water bottle on the sidelines, sports drinks can also assist in building up electrolytes lost during play. Stay away from caffeinated drinks and overly sugary soft drinks.

Focus on Strategy:

  • Play just your position and understand where other gamers are on the court to decrease the possibility of crashes. Don’t grip, block, push, charge, or even excursion competitions.
  • Use appropriate methods for scoring and passing.
  • Don’t forget sportsmanship.

Ensure appropriate equipment:

  • Select basketball shoes which fit closely, provide support and therefore are non-skid. Basketball shoes should be fitted properly by a professional.
  • Ankle supports may lessen the incidence of ankle sprains if ankle weakness is prevalent.
  • Protective elbow and knee pads will protect you from bruises and abrasions.
  • Utilise a mouth guard to protect your teeth and mouth area.
  • Should you wear eyeglasses, use safety glasses or glass guards to guard your eyes and glasses against damage.
  • Don’t wear jewellery or chew gum during games or practice.
  • Ensure appropriate basketball jerseys are worn, that are high quality and cannot be ripped.

Ensure a Safe Environment:

  • Outdoor courts ought to be free of holes, rocks, and other dangers. Inside courts ought to be clean, free of debris, and have great traction.
  •  When playing outdoors, environmental conditions must be considered.  Players should avoid playing extreme weather on courts which aren’t properly lighted at the day.
  • Baskets and borderlines shouldn’t be too near walls, bleachers, water fountains, or other constructions. Basket goal places, in addition to the walls, should be cushioned.

Prepare for Accidents:

  • Coaches and supervisors should be educated about first aid to manage it for minor injuries, such as facial cuts, bruises, or minor strains and sprains.
  • Be prepared for emergencies. All coaches need to have a plan to reach medical staff for assistance with much more important injuries such as concussions, dislocations, contusions, sprains, abrasions, and fractures.
  • Engage in slips trips and falls training and create a safe club environment in the locker rooms, on the court, and on the sidelines.

Safe Return to Play:

An injured participant’s symptoms should be completely gone when returning to the court. For instance: in the event of a joint difficulty, the participant must not have any pain, no swelling, a complete selection of movement, and standard strength.
In the event of a concussion, the participant must have no signs at rest or with exercise and needs to be removed by the right medical provider.

Avoid Overuse Injuries:

Since many young athletes are focusing on just the game and are coaching yearlong, physicians are seeing a rise in overuse injuries. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has surfaced with STOP Sports Injuries to help teach parents, coaches, and athletes on the way to prevent overuse injuries. Specific Methods to stop overuse injuries include: Restrict The number of teams where your child is playing per season. Children who play more than a season are particularly at risk for overuse injuries.
Taking regular breaks and playing different sports is vital to skill development and harm prevention.

Best Beaches To Visit

Visiting your favourite beach on a hot and sunny day is one of the best things to do, and when you are a tourist beaches sure are the main attraction. But combining your favourite beaches with hot spot cafes can be difficult at times; especially when all you’re doing is craving a decent all day breakfast. Here are some of our favourite beach cafes for you to try on your next beach visit!

Fish and chips with a Spin

Beach Bites in Altona isn’t just a complete bargain, but a complete find because of its variations on the usual. They function chowder topped with a floating pillow of fried bread. There are sweet, salty kumara fritters, the hamburgers are made and pressed to order. Plus, as it is run by New Zealanders, you will find Kiwi soft drinks in the cupboard and a “fush and chups” pack on the blackboard.

Details: 137 Esplanade, Altona, 9398 1444

I scream, you scream…

Again, controversy will predominate but for sheer quantity of choice, Williamstown has got it in spades along Nelson Place from the bay. iScream is a cute and colourful parlour twirling frozen yoghurt in addition to ice-cream. Williamstown Ice Cream Shop boasts over a hundred ice-cream flavours (such as Red Bull and red velvet dough) in addition to triple-choc-coated cones and a popping candy dip.

Details: iScream, 225 Nelson Place; Williamstown Ice Cream Shoppe, 199 Nelson Place, 9399 9594; Capriccio, 171 Nelson Place, 9397 0887

Beachside breakfast

There is nothing nicer than a brisk walk from the shore to start your day, but a zesty Lebanese breakfast of hummus, falafel and labne or a brekkie pizza with haloumi and roast tomato comes a close second. Mr. Lawrence is a beautiful, airy new restaurant at the bright white Art Deco London Hotel, where you can sit outside with a view of the bay, the Spirit of Tasmania and a plate of joyful food.

Details: 92 Beach St, Port Melbourne, 9077 4992

Shady dining

For the Melburnians who do not want to burn, NSHRY (pronounced Noshery) at Albert Park is as close as you can get to eating on the beach without those UV rays giving you a beating. This spunky glass box, perched between the footpath and the sand, has a lush, slightly Japanese-influenced menu (the umami hamburger is sensational). They serve coffee and they are licensed too, so it is excellent for a long black or a very long neck, while maintaining your complexion peachy and light.

Details: 129A Beaconsfield Pde, Albert Park, 9682 1077

Beachside beers

If you want to enjoy an icy beer from the water without getting sand in your can, visit Authentic South, a slick microbrewery in a renovated Art Deco garage overlooking Half Moon Bay. Beer aficionados will have their work cut out for them picking between season, single batch or regular brews, or perhaps a tasting wheel, whilst cider fans have an easier time of it with the bright, refreshing Little Miss Muffet. There is an Argentinian menu — with great drinking snacks to dine on also.

Details: 298 Beach Rd, Black Rock, 1300 878 360

Get a picnic

If you work it right, a beachside picnic is about as glamorous as it is obtaining (just don’t go if it is windy or sandwiches take on a whole new meaning). Shake out a blanket, pop up that striped umbrella and feast out of a basket of baguettes, smoked salmon rillettes, oozy cheeses, cornichons and champagne, courtesy of this beachside Small French Deli — a perfect place for purchasing delicious foods from this fresh food store.

Details: 524 Nepean Hwy, Bonbeach, 9776 0855

Coffee from the bay

Vintage shoppers will be enticed to a large treasure trove called Felix — and coffee fans should follow suit, stat. Inside you’ll find a stunning café called The Alley, with comfy sofas, laminex tables and a pink flamingo mural from the plant-filled street outside. Come here for knock-out java — espresso, pour overs and aeropresses; from local roasters Escobean and Little Rebel, in addition to house-baked treats like large, rustic scones and locally sourced Spicy foods such as a zippy Black Russian tomato bruschetta.

Details: 167 Point Nepean Rd, Dromana. 5981 4624

The Best Hotels in Bondi Beach, Sydney

An insider’s guide to the best hotels near Bondi Beach in Sydney, including the very best places to stay for sunbathing places, sweeping views, chic designer Sydney interiors and comfortable rooms, excellent restaurants, friendly service and insider tips on where to go and what to do.

QT Bondi


Pastel-coloured doors and polka-dot rugs set the carefree, frisky tone which strives to replicate the essence of Bondi. A fundamental mural by Australian artist Shaun Gladwell mounted onto a large curved modular walls of blond wood overlooks the lobby and features glamorous Bondi-inspired imagery. While the hotel is surely less avant-garde compared to its moody counterpart in town, the QT brand goal for their properties to reflect the culture of where they’re situated, and in this sense, it succeeds. Curate your trip with the best places to swim, surf, walk, exercise, eat, drink and shop. Staff are filled with information regarding the best things to do in the region.

Ravesi’s Hotel


Ravesi’s is located on Campbell Parade, on one of the main strip centres of Bondi Beach, and is as near the sand as it could possibly get. It’s among the greatest spots in the suburb, occupying the prized corner of Hall Street and Campbell Parade at the epicentre of this locale’s dining and shopping district and footsteps to the surf. Paying homage to the Art Deco legacy of the building, the famous arched windows are painted flamingo pink, as has the inside of the wrap around terrace. Bold art showcases by local artist Daimon Downey, parquetry floors and oversized potted plants compliment the spacious, breezy feel. Then there is the view of the shore, which is exactly what Ravesi’s has always been famous for.

Adina Apartment Bondi Beach


These trendy, self-contained apartments are found in the heart of Bondi Beach’s vibrant entertainment district, with the area’s best places to eat, shop and drink on the doorstep. The lobby has a distinctive and fashionable feel that was curated by interior designers in Sydney. Peppered with diverse and comfortable furniture, rugs and light fittings, it is a place you’ll be able to linger in, meet friends and then head out. The rooms have designer touches and mid-century contemporary inspired furniture. Staff are helpful and will point you in the direction of the shore (it’s pretty close), the town or the best gelato in the city (hint, it is next door). There’s a pool and gym on the ground floor, and a grocery delivery service that can allow you to take advantage of your fully-equipped kitchen.

Bondi Beach House


Hidden amongst the bougainvillea and Frangipani trees in the south end of the suburb is Bondi Beach House. Secluded, private and homely, this bohemian residence is just one of Bondi Beach’s only guesthouses, and among its best-kept secrets. It is an eclectic house, with the operator’s collections from throughout the globe scattered throughout the guest rooms and common areas. Expect antique oriental rugs, Balinese doors, a mixture of artefacts and artworks from local artists. What is more, it is just two minutes on foot down to the water, and fantastic dining and shopping options will also be just as close.

Bondi 38 Serviced Apartments


A hotel with a view of the shore is surprisingly tricky to find in Bondi as the main street is flooded with strip retail investments. These serviced apartments are one of the best-placed properties on Bondi Beach’s main drag, and are ultra-modern and stylish. It is coastal chic with not a seashell in sight. Bondi-inspired artworks adorn the walls, the furniture is modern and luxe and several of the paned windows show expansive beach views. The beach is directly across the street, even though the hotel’s position is a bit more removed from where all the action — and the sound — occurs. Room service comes from Bondi Trattoria, among the area’s most longstanding restaurants.

Why Visit the Gold Coast?

Hanging out onthe beach daily and catching the waves on a surfboard- that really is the epitome of the Australian fantasy. Among the top places where it is possible to do all this and more would be the Gold Coast. Want further explanation on why you need to visit? You greedy thing, you. Here are our top reasons to get on a plane/in a campervan and immerse yourself in the east coast of Australia!

Exquisite Beaches:

If you want a fabulous beach, the Gold Coast has got you covered. The coastline stretches for 57 kilometres (35 miles) and you’ll be able to select from 20 distinct shores; no better excuse to have a 20-day vacation than seeing a new Aussie shore daily? Surfers Paradise is possibly the most famous of all of them and is exceptionally distinctive as the skyline is practically on the shore. Then a bit farther South of Surfers you may end up on Mermaid Beach, sadly it is not named after the prosperity of mermaids, however, it’s famous for its laid-back charm, which is great if you have been going mad in Surfers Paradise for the past couple of days. It is also possible to have a trip down ‘Millionaire’s Row’, examine the fancy mansions and perhaps have a small shout about how much you really need one. South of Surfers, you have got Burleigh Heads, that is famed for the surfing areas, and if you go even farther south you’ll end up at Coolangatta, another best place for browsing and an excellent spot to visit if you enjoy the old-school allure of a seaside city.

Learn to Surf:

If you did not know already, Australia is famously known for its surfing and surf culture. Therefore, if you are expecting to pick up the skillon your journey around to the Gold Coast, then you have picked the ideal place to see since there are a lot of surf schools to select from in the region. Proceed over Mick Fanning, there is a brand-new pro in the city.

Great Coffee:

We understand Melbourne is the most famous in Australia for delicious coffee, but it does not indicate that the remainder of Australia does not understand what it is doing in regard to this gorgeous cup of liquid gold. We have had a peek at since we understand enthusiasts get quite serious when it comes to their coffee, and have. Check out Stairwell Coffee and Crazy Cat Café at Surfers Paradise or Silipo Coffee at Southport for good times and good coffee.

Ride a jet ski to an island experience:

Change up conventional island hopping by riding a jet ski and sense the freedom and exhilaration as you explore the wild blue sea and the hidden paradise islands. View dolphins, turtles, wallabies and wild pigs before quitting in a tropical resort on South Stradbroke. Perfect on a bright day, that is pretty much all the time on the Gold Coast.

Shop the Malls and Markets:

From arts and crafts to food, and farmer’s markets, you have got plenty of markets to pick from on the Gold Coast. Hosted from the Hinterland, along the shores and in the suburbs, you are guaranteed to pass at least one as you are drifting around. We hand-picked a few that you check out: TVM (The Village Markets) called a ‘creative hub’ for emerging entrepreneurs, Broadbeach Markets on the first and third Sunday of each month to get interesting crafts and arts, Marketta Street Food: Tapas Club at Miami each Wednesday evening for a few food or Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets among the greatest on the Gold Coast- each Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Find treasures and one of a kind summer sandals and lace-up heels for all occasions at the markets or hit the all-new Pacific Fair shopping centre for a modern shopping experience.

Theme parks:

Not only does the Gold Coast have long stretchesof surfer beaches and a massive Hinterland supporting it, it is also home to a fairly awesome theme/water parks. Warner Bros Movie World is just what it says on the tin: a theme park using movie-themed rides along with a true life Diagon Alley. Put on your comfort shoes and walk the theme park all day, or if you are more of a lover of plain water parks there is also Wet ‘n’ Wild unleash your inner kid and have a splash on the water slides.


If you are partial to an epic night Out then look no farther than Surfers Paradise. It has got pubs, clubs, Nightclubs, and bars, which means you are certain to find something which’s right up your taste. Crazy for a cocktail? Put on your hot London Rebel shoes and have a look at the Avenue: it hasgot quirky cocktails, food for foodies and live entertainment. Go on over to SinCity Nightclub, a location you might even have the ability to spot some international artists. Alternately, if a bar Is more your style, then there is Irish bars Fiddler’s Green and Waxy’s. There is something for everyone whether it is a wild night at the club or a relaxing wine overlooking the water.

A Few Beach Areas of Interest in Australia

With summer just around the corner, this is a guide to the very best beach towns on Australia’s east coast. It is the fantastic Australian summertime ritual: packing up and heading to the coast. However, not all of coast cities are created equal, some are fab for households, or areas that party all night long; others are big on relaxation and low on action. Find the one which matches you with our handy guide to the finest beach cities along the east coast, just in time for summer.

Images Courtesy of

Best for Twentysomethings: Sorrento, Victoria

Vibe: Do not be tricked by the heritage buildings. Sorrento offers a beach vacation with a buzz.

Attractions: Swim with all the fur seals at Chinamans Hat along with the dolphins in the bay. If you are feeling less active stroll the Sorrento-Portsea Artists Trail, go gallery hopping or cruise the shops along Ocean Beach Road. After dinner, catch a band playing at the local Sorrento Bar.

Best for Couples: Killcare, NSW

Vibe: Aside from the bustle, this forest-fringed escape is a good spot to indulge in good food, a place of shopping and some quality relaxation time.

Attractions: Take it slow on the walking paths through the Bouddi Peninsula national park, laze on the seven fairly beaches (which include Pretty Beach) or check out the fashion, art and homewares on display in stores such as Moochinside.

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Best for Nature lovers: Kingscliff, NSW

Vibe: Golden beaches flanked by hinterland rainforest imply there’s always something new to explore.

Attractions: The walking track to Protestors Falls meanders past bangalow palms, buttress-rooted figs, maiden’s blush, elkhorns and staghorns. Serious hikers will want to handle the 4.4-kilometre scale up Mount Warning, while the Casuarina Sculpture Walk provides a pretty foreshore trail.

Best for foodies: Mooloolaba, Queensland

Vibe: Norfolk pines flank the long strip of shore covered with crunchy sand, but there’s plenty to tempt you away from the water.

Attractions: Action lovers adore the Sunshine Coast Kite Surfing Academy, children love Australia Zoo and food lovers are going to want to register for a few of the area’s excellent cooking classes. Try out The Long Apron at Spicers Clovelly or How to Cook Kitchen at Cotton Tree.

Best for do-it-yourselfers: Port Macquarie, NSW

Vibe: If you would rather catch your own dinner than dine out, Port Macquarie is the type of place. Try your hand at catching mud-crabs, or go fishing on a barbecue boat.

Attractions: Notice how many of the 165 species of wildlife and birds you can see at Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park, admire the indigenous blossoms at Kattang Nature Reserve’s Flower Bowl Circuit, or kayak through the mangroves.

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Best for families: Torquay, Victoria

Vibe: Victoria’s surf capital is a hit with families that make the most of the water sports on offer, from swimming at the sheltered Front Beach to snorkelling at Point Danger (do not fear, it is far less scary than the name implies).

Attractions: After hanging out at the world-famous Bells Beach, surfers will want to check out the world’s biggest surf museum, Surfworld. Wannabes can begin at Go Ride a Wave surf school. If you prefer to keep on dry land get some earthbound exercise on among this area’s many golf courses.

Top 10 Beaches of Australia